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Michael Mulqueen

Michael Mulqueen is a Business/Quality Consultant and Software Developer based in Brighton, UK.

I'm a business consultant and I help companies work better, improving their quality of service, efficiency and profitability. One of my strongest tools to do this is software development. I also help companies find the right customers and communicate their message with high quality technical marketing - I view having the right customers as essential to any ongoing effort to improve a business - it can't happen in isolation. I run a company specialising in these services - Method B Ltd - follow the link to find out more and engage me to help your organisation.

I've previously been involved in the manufacture of aerospace components (other industries as well), specialising in techniques to change/improve the properties of the surface of those components.

My education is in engineering and chemistry and I've long had a strong interest in IT and making technology do interesting things. My professional interests include the science of quality management, data science and advancements in software development techniques.

Outside of work, I enjoy cooking, which I write about on Pan to Mouth. I enjoy travelling and I've been learning German since secondary school... it's an ongoing project! Although it's work these days, for over a decade I've been a free/open source software enthusiast and I currently maintain pyStrich and odswriter.